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Do you have a special interest or activity that you would like to pursue in Iceland? You have come to the right place! As a tour operator focusing on private tours, we can help you make the most of your interests. Photographers, fishermen, scuba divers, geologists, star-gazers, bird-watchers, whale-watchers, historians, musicians -- name your pleasure, and we're on it. Our experience and network of contacts and colleagues covers a wide scope of possibilities. Obviously, some events and activities are seasonal, like bird migration or the Reykjavík Arts Festival. If you are not sure of the timing for a special visit, we can help avoid costly frustrations, and allow you to plan your trip calendar. When the seasons change, we adjust our schedule so you can make the most of the precious daylight. During winter this may mean you can sleep in a bit, and during summer, you may want to enjoy the Midnight Sun.

F-stop Tours is owned and operated by Mike Kissane, a dual, US-Icelandic citizen and expert, certified guide, who has lived in Iceland more than 28 years. Among other things, he has written about Iceland for Fodor's Travel Guides, Barron's Business Magazine and Iceland Review.

Greenish Aurora borealis swirls over Hafnarfjördur in southeast Iceland

Aurora Borealis - with a simple camera

Whenever solar storms occur, they can lead to Aurora borealis activity. If other circumstances seem good (clear skies and tolerable road conditions) we are now offering a 3.5 hour evening Northern Lights Tour. This is on a limited sign-up basis (not more than 4 persons per tour), and we will only go if weather and other indicators are encouraging. Although nobody can guarantee seeing the Aurora borealis, we will certainly spare you the cost and disappointment of taking you out on a hopeless night. Typically, the Northern Lights are best seen during the period from October to late March, and an evening tour might run from 8:00 pm to 11:30 pm. Warm clothes are essential for this tour.
More Details
Duration: Maximum of 3.5 hours.i.
Price*: 20,000 Icelandic krona, minimum of 2.
Seasonl: typically from October through Marchi

A pair of Atlantic puffins greeting by clicking bills 

A pair of puffins greeting

Iceland has three of the world's largest bird cliffs with literally millions of birds nesting during summers. Located between Europe and North America, Iceland shares a sampling from both continents. Several birds make Iceland an ideal destination for 'twitchers'. Puffins are everybody's favourite, but the Arctic Tern is a migratory champion and the White-tailed Sea Eagle is a majestic bird of prey few forget once they have seen it. Shorebirds, waders and numerous songbirds round out the mix. Tell us what you'd like to see and we will do our best to find it.
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: Day trip: varies according to location and distance traveled.
Varies according to location and distance traveled.
food and refreshmentsuration:

A fine brown trout about to be released after a worthy fight 

A large brown trout about to be released

Whether you seek brown trout, Arctic charr,or the challenging Atlantic salmon, Iceland is a fisherman's dream destination. Pure waters and well-managed fisheries are the key. Though salmon fishing can be expensive on prestige rivers, a select few streams offer the chance for salmon without breaking the bank. Trout and charr permits are reasonable, and opportunities exist barely an hour from Reykjavík. No need to travel with your favourite gear, we can arrange quality tackle and waders, too. Bringing your gear requires disinfection at your entry point.
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Duration: Day trip: varies according to angler's preference.
*: Varies according to location and tackle reserved.
Additional: Food, refreshment 

A photographer sets up for an image under the Midnight Sun 

Glacier photography at its best

What better place for nature photographers! Mike Kissane, owner-operator of f-stop Tours, is a photographer himself, and has planned workshop agendas for world-class talents like David Muench, Tom Mangelsen and Jim Brandenburg. We can show you rugged lunar landscapes, crystal clear streams, majestic waterfalls, Europe's largest glaciers and volcanoes, cooperative puffins and delicate wildflowers, it is all here. In 2011 we helped organize Andy Long's First Light Iceland Photo Workshop, and Andy returned in 2013.

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Duration: Day trip: varies according to distance and scope of workshop.
*: Varies according to duration an distance.
Additional: Food, refreshment 

*Prices subject to change due to rises in fuel cost and govt. fees. All photos, except for fish, ©Michael J. Kissane
Michael J. Kissane Owner /Tour Operator, Hafnarfjörður, ICELAND
ph. +354 565 2178, cell +354 898 1278, Contact f-stop Tours: E-mail Michael




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