A photographer sillohetted against Vatnajökull glacier, near Jökusálón, southeast Iceland, Copyright 2009 Michael J. Kissane, All Rights Reserved
Midnight near Jökulsárlón

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OUR COMPANY name plays on the photographic term 'f-stop' and though almost all travelers take pictures, some are professionals. Owner-operator Mike Kissane, was a Charter Member of the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA), with a degree in Wildlife Biology, has had the pleasure of cooperating with some of the world's eminent nature photographers, including David Muench, Tom Mangelsen, Jim Brandenburg, Lewis Kemper, James Balog and others. We continue to organize photography day tours for both individual professionals and small groups. A one-on-one day session session is sometimes all that's needed to learn a special trick or technique you've always wondered about, or to polish a certain photographic skill.

Whether you are interested in birds, waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers, or Nature in all its splendor, Iceland has plenty to photograph, and it is one of f-stop Tours' specialties. During the gorgeous, long summer daylight, darkness is more a figure of speech than a reality, as the Midnight Sun seamlessly blends dusk into dawn, providing beautiful light for hours on end.

Although summer is the choice of many photographers, all the seasons have something special to capture. The fall colors of September and October are a delight to the eye, and the moody winter light and Northern Lights provide a special challenge for those with a keen eye, patience and maybe a tripod. Spring's delicate wildflowers grow tenaciously in the watery veils of Europe's most powerful waterfalls, proving there is indeed gold at the end of the rainbow. Kittiwakes, Northern Fulmars and particularly, the Golden Plover herald their arrival coinciding with Nature's re-awakening.

Past photographic projects have included photographing epic waterfalls and action-filled autumn horse and sheep round-ups.


All photos this page © Michael J. Kissane, All Rights Reserved

A single Atlantic puffin poses on a rock ledge in Iceland, Copyright 2009 Michael J. Kissane, All Rights Reserved
Posing Puffin
Jökulsárlón in Midnight Sun, Southeaset Iceland, Copyrigth Michael J. Kissane, All Rights Reserved
At Jökulsárlón
Lakigígar craters, central Iceland, Copyright, 2009 Michael J. Kissane, All Rights Reserved
Lakigígar moonscape
Hvannadalshnjúk, Iceland's Highest Peak, seen from Skaftafell National Park, Copyright, 2009 Michael J. Kissane, All Rights Reserved
From Skaftafell National Park

All photos this page © Michael J. Kissane

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