Strokkur Dome
Strokkur dome
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Iceland’s capital, Reykjavík (English = Smoky Inlet), is so-named because early Vikings mistook the steam from nearby hot springs, for smoke. Also, the generic term for any spouting hot spring is “geyser” - an Icelandic word coming from the local name of the one first seen here by explorers, called, Geysir. Geysir and its more active neighbor, Strokkur, are a highlight of our Golden Circle Tour. From the earliest settlements, Icelanders have been exploiting geothermal water for their use and Geysir has been an attraction since the 1700’s.

You can enjoy the soothing properties of thermal waters at the famous Blue Lagoon, or see beautiful examples of undeveloped geothermal springs on our Reykjanes Sampler Tour.

Nowadays, over 90% of Iceland’s homes are heated by geothermal water, so most places do not have hot water heaters. Any smokestacks you see on houses are leftovers from the oil and coal-burning days.

If you would like to experience amazing examples of geothermal waters, it can easily be arranged by f-stop Tours!

hotspring strokkur erupts in winter sunrise, Iceland, copyright Michael J Kissane
Strokkur in winter sunrise



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