Vikings of today
Vikings of today

At the edge of the Arctic Circle, who can blame us for using any chance to celebrate! Our bonfires and fireworks displays at New Year’s are legendary for starting the year off with a “BANG”. But there are also spring and fall music and film festivals as well. The Reykjavik Arts Festival is now an annual event and has attracted such talent as the late Pavarotti, Daniel Barenboem, the San Francisco Ballet, our own Björk, and countless of her contemporaries. The 3rd Saturday in August sees all of Reykjavik become a giant, multi-facetted street festival during ‘Culture Night’.

Modern Icelanders are proud of the ancient Sagas, true gems of medieval literature, depicting the lifestyle and heroics of the Vikings, with a brilliant mixture of fact and fiction. A few beautifully illustrated ancient manuscripts (over 500 years old) still survive and are given a place of honor in the Culture House. Other priceless Viking artifacts are displayed in the National Museum of Iceland. Excavations and a wide variety of surviving architecture give further insight to the remarkable lifestyles of Icelanders spanning 11 centuries.

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Viking ship
Viking ship
Viking on ship
Viking scout
Viking Duo
Battle-weary Vikings

Viking trio
Chieftain's advice

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