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Who is Michael J. Kissane ( ‘Mike’ )
Where does the f-stop name come from?

Being born in St. Louis, Missouri, I come from the ‘Show-Me State’, so maybe it’s no wonder I’ve become a professional guide. Nature and the outdoors have always been strong interests.

I have lived in Iceland for over 28 years and have travelled widely in Iceland and elsewhere, including 49 of the 50 US states, much of Canada, and more than twenty countries spanning Europe, South America, Africa and the Indian Ocean. I have a degree in Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University (CSU), and was recently short-listed for the position of Park Superintendent at Skaftafell National Park. I am fluent in Icelandic.

In 2005, I designed a nationwide photography workshop tour led by three eminent names in nature photography: David Muench, Tom Mangelsen and Jim Brandenburg. At the encouragement of several members of that tour, I have further pursued a career in tourism, and am now a year-round guide and tour operator. Previously, I have been a senior journalist for Iceland Review, and have written many articles about nature, travel and business in Iceland. I have also written several articles for special coverage of Iceland for Barrons Business Magazine, as well as seven years of chapters on Iceland for Fodors Travel Guides. Throughout this period, I have been a freelance translator from Icelandic to English for a variety of clients in Iceland.

As an avid fly-fisherman and member of the Angling Club of Reykjavik, one of my favorite projects was the English translation of the book, Fly Fishing in Iceland.

I am a board-certified bio-photographer by examination of the Biological Photographic Association. In addition, I am a charter member of the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA).

But just because we’re called f-stop Tours, doesn’t mean you have to be a photographer to enjoy our tours. So how did the name come about?
Well, choosing a company name that was recognizable in both languages, while indicating Iceland’s many diverse attractions, was a nagging challenge during the two-year process of training. Hours of classes and numerous exams left my camera neglected, as an idle Cyclops. And then, while absent-mindedly fiddling with my camera’s lens, adjusting the apertures (which are called f-stops) and pondering so many features that began with an ‘f’, it came to me….and f-stop Tours was born.

Michael J. Kissane Owner /Tour Operator, Hafnarfjörður, ICELAND
ph. +354 565 2178, cell +354 898 1278, Contact f-stop Tours: E-mail Michael
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